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Howdy Y’all!

Mystic Kathryn here and I’d like to thank you for coming to my site. I’ve been providing tarot card readings and palm readings for good people like yourself for around 20 years and I look forward to meeting you.

Currently private sessions are ONLY available in a virtual format. Virtual Services available include: Virtual Tarot Readings, Virtual Lipstick Readings (AKA Virtual Lip Print Readings), Virtual Metaphysical Consultations, Virtual Law of Attraction Coaching, Virtual Crystal Readings, Online Yoga Consultations or Virtual Yoga Consultations, Virtual Yoga Classes, Virtual Psychic Parties, Virtual Zoom Parties, Virtual Team Building, Corporate Team Building Activities, Virtual Team Building Exercises, Zoom Parties, Virtual Holiday Party Ideas, Spiritual Life Coaching, Manifestation Coaching & of course LIVE Event Entertainment Too!

Recently we’ve been putting together some amazing packages for our corporate team building activities like virtual juggling classes which are a perfect virtual team building exercise to get people moving & zoom parties for handwriting analysis, zoom parties for tarot or fortune telling, zoom parties for teams, families and more! Learn more about your coworkers or family members than you ever thought possible with one of our fun and interactive virtual handwriting analysis zoom party classes! We even have Aromatherapy Zoom Parties integrated with either meditation or easy & restorative yoga. :)

I am here to provide you with great ideas for your perfect Zoom Parties, be they for your business, family or other. I have some fantastic Virtual Holiday Party Ideas like Chocolate Tastings where each guest gets their own gourmet chocolate sampler mailed to them in advance of the event and then we learn about the chocolate and what our favorite chocolates may indicate about our personalities. Another FUN Zoom Party idea is our Aroma Therapy Zoom Pamper Party! We work with you to build the perfect aroma therapy kits to send to your attendees before the event and at the event we enjoy the scents, learn how what we are drawn to indicates where we can better balance our lives and also do some meditation, breath work or relaxing yoga poses. We’ve done several zoom parties, corporate and private where we’ve offered Mystic Training by teaching Tarot Classes. This is a fun and interactive way to do virtual team building exercises where we get to know people better and all anyone needs is a deck of standard playing cards! We can also do fun virtual beauty events where we mail guests designer lipsticks in advance of the party and they apply the lipstick and make their kiss print all on the call before they learn a ton of fun details about their personalities all from this simple lip print.

Whether you want an individual virtual tarot reading, Live & In-Person event entertainment, Virtual Team Building, Kids Virtual Birthday Party Options, Virtual Holiday Party Ideas, Zoom Parties, Corporate Team Building Activities, Zoom Pamper Parties or Spiritual Life Coaching - you’ve come to the RIGHT PLACE!

I look forward to chatting with you soon!

Services By Mystic Kathryn Include: New Inspire Me Sessions | Free Readings | Virtual Tarot Card Readings | Virtual Palm Readings | Lip Print Readings | Virtual Fortune Telling | Holiday Event Entertainment | Virtual Holiday Event Entertainment | Virtual Crystal Kit Parties | Virtual Aromatherapy Parties | Virtual Chocolate Tasting Parties! | Virtual Lipstick Readings | Live Event Services | Virtual Tarot Classes | Rock Wrap Party | Mystic Kathryn & Associates | Pucker Up Impressions | Reading Styles

Mystic Kathryn serves clients across the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan area as well as Austin, Texas - Houston, Texas - San Antonio, Texas - Lubbock, Texas - Denton, Texas, as well as Little Rock, Arkansas - Fayetteville, Arkansas - Shreveport, Louisiana, New Orleans, Louisiana - Tulsa, Oklahoma - Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - Chicago, Illinois - Los Angeles, California - Sacramento, California - San Francisco, California - Napa Valley, California - Sausalito, California - Orlando, Florida - Queens, New York - The Bronx, New York - Brooklyn, New York - Manhattan, New York - Portland, Oregon - Seattle, Washington - Albuquerque, New Mexico - Tucson, Arizona - Denver, Colorado & more!

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Mystic Kathryn's Event Services

Parties * Restaurants * Activations * Workshops * Experiences * Games * Team Building

For over 20 years, Mystic Kathryn has sought out the best and most UNIQUE event entertainment around. My initial vision was simply to have the BEST fortune tellers in Dallas & Fort Worth, Texas, but the more amazing acts and entertainment ideas I experienced the more I wanted to bring those great ideas to my amazing clients.

Now we have amazing entertainment, workshops, experiences and of course still have our team of 5 star lipstick readers, fortune tellers, palm readers, tarot card readers, stilt walking jugglers and more. We offer our signature service of cocktail readings, succulent terrarium workshops, whiskey tastings, chocolate tastings, even our own brand of intuition enhancement games & workshops and beer or wine yoga too!

We offer Adult and Teen programs for libraries, like our fantastic juggling workshops for all ages & introductory courses in handwriting analysis.

We offer UNIQUE Entertainment for Country Clubs, like our signature Cocktail Readings, Wicked Haunts for Halloween & even Mother's Day Crown making for kids!

For our Boutiques, retail locations & grand openings we have tons of options from professional sign spinners to juggling stilt walkers, radio promotion & event services designed specifically to fit the product or service of the promotion.

For our Restaurants we coordinate weekly, monthly, quarterly or holiday based events. From Wine Down Wednesdays perfect for our TM pending Wine Readings or Wine Yoga to Fun Ladies Night Options like our 1 of a kind Rock Wrap where each participant leaves with their very own pendant gemstone necklace made onsite!

We also have amazing and FUN options for Virtual Events! From workshops to team building, we have it all. For our Nonprofits & Charities, we have more options than we can count & would love to bring the BEST of what's available in your area to you!

I look forward to bringing your vision to life,
Mystic Kathryn

Why Choose Mystic Kathryn?

  • ✓Certified Yoga Instructor & Virtual Fortune Teller
  • ✓Specializes in virtual tarot readings and psychic parties
  • ✓Offering Over 40 Different Styles Of Readings & Work Events
  • ✓Custom Designed Personality Assessments & Styles Of Readings
  • ✓Online Virtual Experiences For Individuals Or Corporations
  • ✓FREE Virtual/ Online Yoga Consultations
  • ✓Certified Yoga Instructors for Beer Yoga, Wine Yoga and Goat Yoga!
  • ✓Specializes in Boutique services for smaller events like bachelorette parties, spas and retail locations
  • ✓Offers the MOST Unique entertainment available in your area
  • ✓We offer BOTH In Person and Virtual Entertainment Service Options
  • ✓We work with events as small as 3 to the thousands
  • ✓Over 20 years of event service experience in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas and Beyond!

About Mystic Kathryn

Today Mystic Kathryn's Event Services is a team of 7
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readings and work events all over Texas,
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