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Fortune Teller

I’ve been faithfully serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metropolitan Area, as well as Austin, Houston, San Antonio, Texas, Little Rock, Arkansas, Louisiana, and Tulsa, Oklahoma, Brooklyn New York, The Bronx New York, Queens New York for 20 years and my experience is vast.

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Holiday Party Entertainment by Mystic Kathryn
My team offers a wide variety of services which includes; parties, events, conference entertainment and key notes, trade show booth traffic generators, private consultations, party/event entertainment coordination, restaurant & venue services, activations, presentations, classes & speakers, custom designed divination services, team building, group readings or galleries, dream analysis & pet readings, Library programs for adults and teens, speakers and interactive activities for Colleges and Sororities, festival services, event entertainment consultations and ALL of this in person or with online virtual experiences.

Online Virtual Experiences for individuals or corporations.

Virtual Yoga Classes by Mystic Kathryn - Certified Yoga Instructor

I can offer our 1 on 1 consultations via phone, Google Meets, Zoom, even Facebook phone calls. For larger groups we recommend Zoom. Nearly ALL of our services are available through Online Virtual Experiences which is a great way to stay connected from the ease and comfort of your own home. We will even give you access to our “how to look good online” private access information ;-) 1 week prior to your virtual experience to give you a chance to create the ideal set up.


Through these channels we can offer team building, private readings, celebratory parties and more! Whether we are still on a “Shelter in Place” order or you have people who want to attend an event but can’t make it physically - Virtual events are the way to stay connected from the ease and comfort of your own home.

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