LIVE Event Services

Live Events! YES! We are open and offering in person events - masked of course! ALL of our 5 STAR services are available for LIVE and In-Person events.

What are our COVID 19 Protocols?

  1. We wear a MASK!
  2. We need to be in an area where people can talk without shouting as hearing through a mask makes it exceptionally difficult to hear in a loud environment.
  3. We sanitize our hands between each reading
  4. No - you & your guests do not have to wear a mask

Certain specialty services have additional COVID 19 precautions, like tea leaf readings - we leave the prepping and of the tea, tea cups, etc up to the host. For our award winning lipstick readings we ask either that you provide each guest with a lipstick, that they use their own or if you would like to pay for us to provide the lipsticks we will gladly provide each guest with an individual lipstick sample but they will not have a choice on color and we ask that they only touch the sample they are given. For specific COVID 19 precautions for other services please schedule your FREE event consultation

*Live and Virtual bookings available for this amazing service!

Live event services

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