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Please note that due to visual restrictions on the virtual platform it can be challenging to be as detailed as is possible with an in person reading. In Person one on one palm readings are not currently available outside of the event format. If you are requesting in person event services then palm reading is still a perfect choice!

Palm Readings are challenging but awesome. It is best to be set up in a room that is fairly dark and to have a small but strong flashlight. I will ask you to move your palms about so that I may see it from different angles to get great details about you and your life from it. We can do one on one or a group palm reading session and you are always welcome to record these sessions to be able to reference them at a later date!. Schedule your Palm Readings Here.

*Live and Virtual bookings available for this amazing service!

Virtual Palm Readings by Virtual Fortune Teller - Mystic Kathryn

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