Reading Styles

Reading Styles and Divination Services in alphabetical order include:

Astrological Readings
Using your birth and planetary alignment with the stars while using charts we are able to see where your paths will lead you to for the coming year. Normally this type of read takes time but we have broken down the reading to its core form and what took several hours of time can now be done in minutes for entertainment as part of your next corporate party or personal celebration for your friends and family. Plus each participant gets their own small diagram of what the coming year may hold for them to keep so they can refer back to it for the coming months.

Aura Photography
This requires about an 8 foot by 8 foot footprint area, with access to power. Guests will sit down with their feet flat on the floor & place their hands on metal sensors before taking a couple of cleansing breaths. Then the photo is taken, it takes slightly longer than a normal photograph so guests are asked to remain still for a few moments. The photo is given to guests on a card which describes what the different colors mean. You can optionally have someone there to interpret the photos. As many as 30 photos per hour without readings or 15 per hour with readings. This is a stationary attraction.

Aura Readings
Guests are asked to hold a quartz crystal and take a few deep cleansing breaths. The reader senses their aura and discusses with them the thing most relevant to them in their life that is affecting their aura. This can range from career challenges, to relationship communication, whether they are considering a move and more. These are one of the faster styles of readings at 3 to 5 minutes per reading, can be done strolling in a quiet environment or seated.

Profiling - Psychological Mentalism
We are experienced profilers & we know how to read the nonverbal communication that science has shown us that most of our information comes through. Up to 70% of the information we take in is context clues that are given off by people body and how our brain interpreted them. We are typically strolling and ask guests 1 or 2 brief questions, which in and of themselves get people laughing and talking. We then tell them all about themselves and why we know what we know. Great for an intellectual crowd, not good for groups with a lot to hide. LOL

Cartomancy - AKA Readings with a standard deck of playing cards
Very similar to a tarot reading, but with a poker deck. The guest gets a brief reading about the present and future based on which cards are turned over. Approximately 5 minutes per person, can be done strolling with a tray much like a cigarette girl/guy or seated.

While not always the best option for an event, we do have talented readers who can connect with those who have crossed over or with guides and angels. The client sits down and we talk to them about whichever message(s) are coming through clearly. They are allowed to ask questions, but are not required to. Approximately 5 minutes per reading, this attraction works best when seated but can be offered as strolling in a non-boisterous environment or seated.

Crystal Ball Readings
Guests sit down across from the reader with a crystal ball in between. The reader tells them about whatever comes up, typically what is on the sitter’s subconscious mind at the time. Guests are often shocked about what is mentioned when they realize yes, that has been floating in and out of my mind for days/ weeks now. Approximately 5 minutes per reading, this attraction must be seated.

Dice Readings
Dice readings are often performed alongside a standard playing card reading with 2 dies or if done alone the guest casts 4 dice yielding as many as 6 intermingling guiding themes to be considered for the guests life. These readings are brief and can be applied to a broad range of aspect of the inquirers life. Approximately 5 minutes per reading, can be done strolling if tables are placed throughout room or seated.

Doodle Analysis
Bring your favorite doodle and let one of our trained experts tell you what it means. Did you know that doodling stars can indicate that you are a dreamer or that doodles that are written with such force can indicate high blood pressure or control freaks? Let us make you laugh when we tell you about your personality through your doodle. Approximately 3 to 5 minutes per reading, can be offered as strolling entertainment if guests already have their doodle samples or seated if they create the doodles there.

Dream Analysis
Guests come armed with a dream that has always haunted them. They share this dream or nightmare with the expert and work through the imagery in it until they figure out what meaning there is to be found. Approximately 5 to 7 minutes per reading, can be offered as a strolling entertainment or seated.

Face Readings
Did you know that on your face is a map of your life? Are you born with the ability to make and handle large sums of money? Do you have a stubborn or a weak chin? What about your vision is it limited to what's in front of you or are you the one aware of the repercussions way down the road. Are you bossy or do you go with the flow? We can tell all of this and more. Guests may be asked to remove any glasses or masks they may be wearing at the event for this reading style which takes approximately 5 minutes per person and can be offered strolling or seated.

Fortune Telling
This is basically the term we use which covers all of the different services here. If you simply want a great reader, no problem, let us know you want a fortune teller and you will be surprised at what service you get. Most common are tarot or palm.

Handwriting Analysis
Have your guests write a sentence or two and then we tell them all about their personality and idiosyncrasies. This option can really be a riot and very tailored to the number of guests at the event. We can make these readings as fast as 5 minutes, typically needs to be stationary unless guests arrive with their handwriting sample. We can also customize the handwriting sheets to have your company information on it for a small additional fee.

Kids Parties
For kids 8 to 15 we offer palm readings mixed with handwriting, dice readings, cartomancy & Pucker Up Impressions® The Official Lip Print Readings and readings by our one and only Swami Rick™. For 16 and up, we offer all of the styles listed here. We do not send out anyone without kid reading experience to offer readings to kids. They have to have that experience before they are a part of our team or they simply don't offer it through us.

LIVE Gypsy in a Box
What looks like it belongs in an arcade will delight and surprise your guests when they discover it is a real gypsy! Guests push a button and receive a fortune card, similar to what you probably remember from the movie 'BIG', only we aren't there claiming to grant wishes. Some sample fortunes include cards that say: "You will spend time living in California", "Someone has a crush on you", "A new exciting opportunity awaits you on Monday", "You will be missed by the next Tornado".

Box requires about a 5 foot by 5 foot foot print of space near a wall but at least 12 inches away from the wall and must have access to power. Nearly an unlimited number of people can been seen in an hour and comes with a built in opportunity to get a biz card into your guests hands as we can custom print your fortune cards with all your company information. See Photo

*Live and Virtual bookings available for this amazing service!